The Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association Monthly Forums

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Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association

An alumnus of Salt Lake Community College in Utah, Gavin Ekstrom has more than two decades of experience as a mortgage loan officer. Gavin Ekstrom is a senior area manager with Denver, Colorado’s Citywide Home Loans and an active member of the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association (CMLA).

Operating under the principles of education, representation, and networking, CMLA provides four different forums for industry leaders to sharpen their skills and share ideas with other mortgage lending professionals. The sales management forum is available to CMLA members who hold upper-level executive positions. The operation and compliance forum, available to lenders who hold quality assurance or quality control management positions, features a guest speaker and roundtable discussion on profession-related topics.

The leadership development forum has a similar structure, but members meet only four times a year and are responsible for recommending speakers and roundtable topics. Finally, the executive forum, open to lenders who hold upper management positions, is a four-hour session that features speakers and open discussion topics driven by forum members.

Mortgage Rates in 2017

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Gavin Ekstrom

For the past decade, Gavin Ekstrom has served as an area branch manager of the Denver, Colorado office of Citywide Home Loans, where he is responsible for overseeing all branch operations and training new loan officers. To provide the best service to his clients, Gavin Ekstrom stays abreast of current trends and other factors that influence the mortgage sector.

Experts are predicting that mortgage rates will continue to stay low throughout the remainder of 2017. While they estimate a slight increase, many experts predict the rate will settle out around 4.3 percent.

While this is welcome news for borrowers, most experts don’t look for rates to dip below the 4 percent barrier in the immediate future. Even so, rates are still trending below what the average has been in the past. As of April 2017, those rates have yet to break the 4 percent barrier. The 30-year fixed rate was 3.93 percent, with more than 50 percent of analysts predicting that the rate won’t change throughout the rest of the year.

Health Benefits of Basketball

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An accomplished mortgage professional with more than 20 years of industry experience, Gavin Ekstrom serves as a senior area manager with Citywide Home Loans in Greenwood Village, Colorado. In his leisure time, Gavin Ekstrom enjoys playing basketball.

In addition to its recreational benefits, basketball offers many physical benefits. Because the game involves running and jumping, basketball is an effective way to burn calories and get an aerobic workout.

The game increases the heart rate as well, which strengthens the muscle and improves cardiovascular health. These factors lead to better endurance and blood flow, reducing the chance the player will suffer from heart disease or stroke in the future.

The prevalence of jumping and other physical exertion in basketball can lead to increased bone strength. Physical activity that uses the joints and bears weight causes the bones to produce new tissue and become stronger.

DTC Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce Hosts Annual Taste

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Denver Tech Center

In 2007, Gavin Ekstrom brought Citywide Home Loans to Denver, Colorado, where he grew the organization from one employee to more than 175. Currently serving as the firm’s senior area manager, he was named a Five Star Mortgage Professional by the Five Star Professional organization as well as 5280 Magazine. To help him stay connected locally, Gavin Ekstrom belongs to the Denver Tech Center (DTC) Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce.

As a way for businesses and residents to connect with each other, share ideas and resources, the DTC Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce offers access to personal and business development ideas. The organization believes that the typical chamber of commerce models are out-of-date, so it encourages members to challenge the status quo in a positive manner to better the community.

In order to reach those goals, the organization offers numerous gatherings for members to share their ideas and meet other like-minded individuals. On October 20, 2016, the chamber of commerce participated in the 16th annual Taste of Greenwood Village. The Taste, which benefitted the Cherry Creek Schools Foundation, featured contemporary jazz artist Jennifer Lane. Visitors enjoyed food from local eateries, craft beer from local breweries, and an event sommelier who paired wines with cuisine.

Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association Holds 44th Annual Convention

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Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association

Since 2007 Gavin Ekstrom has worked as an area branch manager for Citywide Home Loans located in Denver, Colorado. In this role, he deals with all branch operations, including training, marketing, and loan officer certification. To help him remain informed on changes made within the mortgage industry, Gavin Ekstrom maintains membership with the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association (CMLA).

Founded in 1956, the CMLA is a nonprofit trade organization that includes members who work in Colorado’s mortgage lending industry. These members include mortgage brokers, commercial bankers, and mortgage loan originators, among others. The CMLA strives to monitor integrity-based lending by setting ethical standards. It also offers networking opportunities and educational sessions.

One event that combines networking and learning is the CMLA’s annual convention. The 44th annual convention, scheduled from August 9 through 11, 2017, at the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort, offers an opportunity for compliance professionals, mortgage company owners, and loan originators to meet with top mortgage industry leaders. Participants also partake in breakout sessions and attend keynote speeches. Two speakers who attended the 2016 event included renowned lecturer and best-selling author Tommy Spaulding along with chairman-elect of the Mortgage Bankers Association Rodrigo Lopez.

The Many Loan Options for Home Buyers

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Gavin Ekstrom

With over 20 years of experience helping people with their mortgages, Gavin Ekstrom serves as senior area manager at Citywide Home Loans in Colorado. Since he began in 2010, Gavin Ekstrom has built the company from a single employee to more than 175, over five locations.

There are many different options available to those seeking a loan for their first home. Conventional loans often require a down payment of around 5 percent as well as reasonably good credit, but there are many ways to get a homeowner’s loan that Citywide can help with.

State bond programs offer a low-cost loan option with low interest rates that may be more accessible to many people than a conventional loan. There are also mortgages available that are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that tend to have lower down-payment requirements as well as flexible terms, so many people who may not qualify for a conventional loan could find this option very attractive.

The US Veterans Affairs office can provide longer-term loans with favorable terms to veterans as well as to those in active service and surviving spouses. If your home is under construction, special loans are also available that can help finance the home being built. Citywide works to ensure that people find a loan from these options and others, so that they can comfortably invest in their own home.

About the Veterans Administration (VA) Home Loan Guarantee Program

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Veterans Administration

As an experienced mortgage professional, Gavin Ekstrom draws on an in-depth knowledge of federal loan programs. Gavin Ekstrom serves as senior area manager with Citywide Home Loans, where he helps clients understand such opportunities as the Veterans Affairs Home Loan Guarantee Program.

Through its Home Loan Guarantee program, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) works with lenders to make borrowing more affordable to qualified borrowers. This includes current members of the armed forces as well as non-dishonorably discharged veterans, surviving spouses, and members of the Reserves or National Guard.

Qualifying individuals borrow directly from lenders but benefit from the VA’s backing. This leads to a number of more favorable terms, including less stringent down payment and mortgage insurance requirements.

The VA Home Loan Guarantee Program also allows eligible borrowers to finance closing costs. This can enable a borrower to finance every aspect of the loan. Approval does depend on the borrower’s credit history and ability to qualify through a lender.

Fortunately, the VA’s relationship with lenders allows for more generous qualification benchmarks as compared to traditional mortgage applications. Rates are competitive within the market, and approved debt-to-income ratios are typically about 3 percent higher than those required on the open market.