The Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association Monthly Forums

Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association pic

Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association

An alumnus of Salt Lake Community College in Utah, Gavin Ekstrom has more than two decades of experience as a mortgage loan officer. Gavin Ekstrom is a senior area manager with Denver, Colorado’s Citywide Home Loans and an active member of the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association (CMLA).

Operating under the principles of education, representation, and networking, CMLA provides four different forums for industry leaders to sharpen their skills and share ideas with other mortgage lending professionals. The sales management forum is available to CMLA members who hold upper-level executive positions. The operation and compliance forum, available to lenders who hold quality assurance or quality control management positions, features a guest speaker and roundtable discussion on profession-related topics.

The leadership development forum has a similar structure, but members meet only four times a year and are responsible for recommending speakers and roundtable topics. Finally, the executive forum, open to lenders who hold upper management positions, is a four-hour session that features speakers and open discussion topics driven by forum members.


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