The Best Places to Visit in Arizona

A mortgage loan officer with more than two decades of experience in primary and secondary markets, Gavin Ekstrom currently serves as area branch manager at Citywide Home Loans in Denver. In his free time, Gavin Ekstrom enjoys traveling across the United States, including to Arizona.

There are many excellent tourist spots to visit in Arizona, including the following:

The Grand Canyon: Perhaps the best-known landmark in Arizona, the Grand Canyon attracts millions of tourists from around the world each year. You can view the vast canyon from the North or South Rim, or you can get a closer look by hiking the various trails, rafting the Colorado River, or taking a helicopter ride.

Hoover Dam: This landmark is located on the border of Arizona and Nevada, linking the two states across the Colorado River. Finished in 1935, Hoover Dam is home to Lake Mead, the country’s largest man-made lake. While at the dam, you can camp, fish, and hike at the Lake Mead Recreation Area, which stretches 1.5 million acres.

Sedona: Located an hour and a half outside of Phoenix, this city is home to the Red Rock State Park. You can see the beautiful red-rock mountains from nearly every spot in Sedona and can view them up close on hikes as well as bike and horseback rides. The city also hosts jeep tours that will take you farther into the mountains.

Monument Valley: Bordering Arizona and Utah, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park offers some of the most stunning views in the county. The landscape features red-rock mesas and sandstone formations that reach heights of 1,000 feet. At the park, you can take driving or photography tours to explore the area.


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