Characteristics of New York-Style Pizza

A mortgage professional by day, Gavin Ekstrom likes to spend his spare time enjoying his favorite activities and foods. In addition to working out and reading motivational books, Gavin Ekstrom indulges in New York-style pizza, one of his preferred meals.

Known for its incredibly thin crust, New York-style pizza is cooked in a wood- or coal-fired oven. The extreme level of heat creates a crisp crust that puffs up at the edges. Bubbles form and often darken and shatter as the pizza arrives to the table. Despite the large crust, the pizza maintains less than a quarter-inch thickness in the center.

Over the crust is a sauce comprised of tomatoes, salt, and oregano. Unlike pasta sauce, New York-style pizza sauce does not need to be slow-cooked. When available, using uncooked canned tomatoes from California or Italy offers the best taste, according to Pizza: A Slice of Heaven author Ed Levine. The pizza is then topped with mounds of mozzarella. Many New York establishments opt for Grande Cheese, a mix of part-skim and whole-milk mozzarella.


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